3 definitions by TheDoggoDude

The Good whiteeeeeeeee stuff... NUMMY in ma TUMMY!!!!!!
cocaine = happy powder


tastes like sugar

smells good

The faster you snort it the better it feels but the shorter it lasts and vice-versa

can cause cardiac arrest and may lead to pulling a Juice Wrld
by TheDoggoDude November 12, 2020
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A slur towards Jewish people or people of Jewish decent
Person 1: "You a fucking kek"
Person 2: *Is Jewish*
by TheDoggoDude April 01, 2021
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The day you have to confess to your crush that you like her.
Guy: Hey, I like you
Crush: ewwwww you disgusting shit bag

Crush: get away you dirty worm
Guy: but it's October 22nd
Crush: IDFC
by TheDoggoDude October 22, 2019
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