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Bulging of the eyes from viewing something exciting or suprising.
At a showing of Transformers, everyone in the theater got an eyerection from viewing Megan Fox.
by The. July 6, 2009
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To have motion means to be accomplishing things at a good speed, most likely has there own apartment, car, on the path to starting a career, also to have enough money to support yourself and your habits.
“I’m really having motion out here, can’t nobody stop me”
by The. January 5, 2022
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Blended white drink with special ingredients.
Me: "I served her a fapuccino last night. In bed."
by The. July 6, 2009
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Neck pain and general feeling of fatigue, pain, and aching resulting from the act of headbanging. Symptoms can be worsened by moshing.
Steve: "Ugh, I have a massive headbangover from that badass metal concert yesterday."
by The. July 6, 2009
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