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A substitute for a roach when rolling a joint.
In the absence of any suitable material with which to create a roach, a make-shift 'filter' can be made by pinching the joint first one way, then the other adjacent to one another.
I say 'filter' with the most relaxed paramters to the term.
1. Take a pre-rolled joint missing its roach.
2. Put your two index fingers next to one another on the joint.
3. At the furthest in finger, pinch the joint vertically.
4. At the point of the finger at the end, pinch the joint horizontally.
5. Smoke em if ya got em.
And that my friends,
Is the Russian Pinch.
by The Russian Roller April 20, 2009
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A word used by idiotic wastes-of-life intended to mean 'a hard man', when in actuality to most people it would appear to be somebody who specialises in fondling fruit preserve.
Lewis Peake: yee dnt mess pal hahaha i no sum rite grippers ye wt u gna do???? haha i dnt mess about me lad ye uno it rite wt u gna do u scrawni lil tit

Me: What?


Me: Sorry pal, I don't know who you are or what it is you think I have done.

Lewis Peake: it funny tht lad cos I NO SUM RITE JAMHANDLERS yee

Me: All I know is you're are a colossal dick head. Or don't you quite understand that? Would you like me to simplify?
In a short sentence: Go fuck yourself.
by The Russian Roller July 17, 2010
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(n) a sexual position whereby the male partner kneels on all fours whilst the receiving partner (male or female) grasps onto the other's neck and body using their arms and legs whilst underneath. The partner 'on top' begins to gently rock, swaying the partner underneath similar to the fairground childrens' ride.
Pete: Hey, how was that date last night with lizzy?

Andy: Oh yeah, was good thanks. Things started hotting up back at mine and she suggested we try the pirate boat, it was bad ass.

Pete: Yeahh, you go carnival on that bitch motherfucker!
by The Russian Roller December 31, 2009
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When funny is to a situation;
As horrific was to the extent and seriousness of the holocaust.
Dale: I'd like to get something off my chest guys...
Winston: Your mum wants to wipe that off her chest.
Everyone: Lolocaust!
by The Russian Roller May 14, 2009
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