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The work that you Say instead of fuck when you're in the good place.
Eleanor Shellstrop: fork, wait what! I can't say fork?! What the fork up is going on?!
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by The RealTruth. October 22, 2019

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When you make a racist joke, improve or stereotype. In a silly voice or close to the original.
British accent hellooo governor. Assuming all the bristish people sound the same. Borderline Racist.
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by The RealTruth. November 29, 2018

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Someone whom I addicted to have(sex) and buy sex products related.(dildos,gags,restrains)
Maria is suck a Sexaholict she can't stay away from guys and her toys fetish.
by The RealTruth. May 13, 2014

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1.A relentes promise of truth an utmost seal to promises, it equals "I swear" Say by any religious person.

2. A promise or seal of Truth/Bets.
Mexican 1. Jo man I ran like 3 miles today.

Mexican 2. Nah godspeed I don't think so.

Mexican 1. No J for real I was being chase by a dog.

Mexican 2. god condom?!

Mexican1. god condom.
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by The RealTruth. October 22, 2019

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