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A container into which CIA, FBI, NSA personnel and others place sensitive or classified working materials, shredded or not, to be destroyed on a regular schedule--daily or more often.
"As soon as you've finished reading that transcript of the President's private comments to the Prime Minister, be certain it goes into the burn bag."
by The Mekon May 23, 2006
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Some clown, usually obese, who gorges himself/herself on Hostess Ho-Ho's, the individually wrapped, chocolate-covered, rolled cake-and-cream junk food, sorta like a swiss roll.
"Check out Ho Ho the Clown over there. That mofo gone be a 300-pounder by the time she's 20."
by The Mekon March 10, 2006
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Your Hips On My Lips. Pronounced yahomell. A discreet, shorthand way of suggesting to a woman companion, or reminding her, that you look forward to facing the music between her thighs.
by The Mekon February 14, 2010
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Walking Around Money. Originally and still today political jargon for the cash given to party operatives on or near election day to be spent (1) transporting or luring voters to the polls, or (2) doing small favors for voters, such as buying them drinks, to make them feel obligated. This usage has been extended to include anyone's pocket money, to be used for virtually any purpose.

Also, money given to Pennsylvania General Assembly members for projects in their districts, doled out by legislative leaders to good soldiers as they campaigned for reelection. WAMs were Pennsylvania sleaze at its greasiest: secretive, stinking of cronyism, far removed from the very people whose cash was being spent.
Here, Seamus, take this bundle o' WAM over to O'Malley's Pub and see who's hangin' about. This election's going to be a close one.
by The Mekon December 14, 2006
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Sell motor vehicles. An expression born in Detroit decades ago, and recently adapted to "move units," as if that were a hip new expression.
Bubba, with these dang gas prices, the lot is overflowing with '06 SUVs. We gotta move metal, man, 'cause the '07s are on the way!
by The Mekon September 23, 2006
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