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A person who spends most or all of their time devoted to the social networking site known as Facebook. This person is a fool, because they could be utilizing this time to do something much more productive such as raising children properly or getting off welfare.
Have you heard from Jimmy lately? No. Ever since he got hooked up with high speed internet via his next door neighbor's connection, he has been a complete Facebooking Fool. He hasn't left his house (mom's house) in over a month and said he has 2000 friends on there, but hasn't actually seen one of them in person for over 20 years.
by The Man, The Myth, The Peasant September 03, 2009

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Performing the act of passing gas in crowded areas and not being found guilty.
I was in a fully packed elevator yesterday and got away with gaspionage. I looked just as disgusted as the 3 midgets standing right behind me. Noone had a clue. I wish I could get the video and post it on my Flog.
by The Man, The Myth, The Peasant September 03, 2009

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A lighter form of the "buzz kill". When something or someone slightly interferes with your buzz, but you are able to recover from it before the issue sobers you completely.
John: Did you hear we got pulled over the other night coming home from the game?
Jim: Oh yeah? Were you drinking at the game?
John: Yeah early, but no dui test and got off with just a warning.
Jim: Oh wow!! That's a buzz maim.
John: I know, we got back on our bicycles and rode off scott free.
by The Man, The Myth, The Peasant November 30, 2009

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An online log of all your various farting escapades throughout your life that you so choose to document for the world to observe.
Did you visit's Johnny's Flog today? It was hilarious! He was in a board meeting and ripped the loudest, smelliest bomb and even got it on video through gotomeeting. LOL!!
by The Man, The Myth, The Peasant September 04, 2009

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