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A favourite catchphrase from everyones favourite spaz The Bo
it is used to point out something blatantly obvious after someone has made a mistake, much simmilar to saying mind your head after someone bangs there head.

this paticular line originated when The Bo pointed out that metal gets hot when heated after someone burnt there hand on an iron bar that had just been in a furnace

this phrase is used in multiple situations,example such as course its not sharp its a football and course its cold, it ice
person 1#Shit! thats hot
Bo# Course its hot its a metal
by The Local Bo-watch July 06, 2008

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a very special creature, he has a habit of uttering random nonsense and an undying love of health and safety. he is fishlike in appearance and sports his tradtional 'Bo Fro' enjoys creating robots and playing yu gi oh
Is alot stronger then he looks but has a massively nerdish appearance, he roams only inside his own living quarters and rarely ventures outside, only for a duel

This sort of person is one of a kind, but we all know one like him
Watch out The Bo is coming, is so Inform your local bo watch
by The Local Bo-watch July 06, 2008

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Meeting someone with a bizzare quirk or general idiocy, and then telling your freinds about them later, simmilar to bitching behind someones back
Why is that guy banging his head on a tree?
Best inform the local Bo-Watch
by The Local Bo-watch July 06, 2008

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