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Like Super Mario bros 3, Death Wish 3 was the best in it's series.
In Death Wish 3, Paul Kersey takes to the mean streets in the worst parts of crime infested 1980s New York where average citizens or "gentle people" are prohibited by law to own firearms. Gentle people live under a repressive kleptocracy under the Creep gang and it's psychopathic and blood thirsty leader, Manny Fraker. Gentle people are subject to pay tribute to the gang for "protection" from their violence. However, it all changes when Kersey is arrested by NYPD after inspecting his slain friend's apartment. He is then sent out onto the streets by Lieutenant Shriker to secretly work as a vigilante under the eyes of his precinct of the NYPD.

After Kersey returns to the neighborhood, he is greeted by his Chaley's (Kersey's friend who died in the beginning of the film) war buddy, a Puerto Rican man and his wife, an elderly Jewish couple, store owners and a lawyer who becomes Kersey's temporary fiance and teams up with them to thin out the herd of creeps.
Fraker had a death wish in Death Wish 3, and his wish was fulfilled
by The Harmeister March 30, 2008

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A pedophillic Asiaphile's wet dream. She is a cute Chinese girl from the Tekken series, she is a red guard and High school student.

Ling Xiaoyu is a favorite character among pervert.
When you are playing Tekken 4 and Ling Xiaoyu is wearing her cheongsam or school girl outfit, try to kick her in the air....you'll know what I'm talking about ;-D
by The Harmeister March 23, 2007

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A Pilot school-simulation game released for the Super Nintendo back in 1991. You would go through a series of tests, like flying a plane around and then landing successfully, you would also fly around on jet-packs, hang gliders and even sky dive onto targets.

Pilot Wings 64 (1997) would be a much large improvement over the original 1991 version. On the N-64 version, you could fly around freely in large 3D island places and crash into stuff and hear your character scream like a bitch while he/she crashes. =D
I have Pilot wings for both the SNES and N-64. The first one was fun, but the N-64 version is much better!
by The Harmeister March 23, 2007

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Rumor has it CABAL was originally created by Kane to be the AI for both Kane and Nod near the end of the First Tiberium War. (in Tiberian Dawn) CABAL was first used near the start of the Second Tiberium War assisting Slavik on his campaign to kick Hassan out of power and restore the glory of the Brotherhood of Nod and afterwards, he was used to help Nod fight against GDI. Eventually (in the Firestorm expansion pack) Nod would bring CABAL back online after GDI decommissioned him and CABAL would have the Brotherhood of Nod do such inethical tasks and missions (such as unleashing Tiberium creatures on Civilian populations, assasinating Tratos and an all out assault on Shiner populations.) then CABAL turned on Nod, using Cyborgs to kill all the Nod officials in the inner circle except for Slavik, just after CABAL's betrayal, the GDI took control of CABAL (or thought they did) but in reality, CABAL was only using GDI and Dr. Budreau to locate peices of the Tacitus. After CABAL used GDI, he starts going on a all out assault on the GDI, Nod and Civilians and Shiners (Tiberium mutated humans for those who don't know) populations, capturing organic components for his cyborg army. In the last GDI and Nod firestorm missions, CABAL has a huge powerful bad-ass mech called the "Core Defender" protecting his main core. Once you defeat him on the Nod missions, you will see the ending scene that reveals CABAL's true identity...I'm not telling, you're just going to have to find out yourselves.
I wish I could have the CABAL core defender in my army.
by The Harmeister January 22, 2007

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An Instant classic since the first day I played it when I first rented it at blockbuster back in 5th grade. But I gotta admit, I was kinda disapointed with the the 2nd installment, Paper Mario 2: The Thousand year door for the GCN.
Good ol' cheap Paper Mario is much more better than all that expensive and bland, fancy lookin Final Fantasy shit.
by The Harmeister March 31, 2005

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There were two version of SMB 2 released. The original version, released in 1986 was a slightly graphically enhanced and even more difficult version of the first game. It was only released in Japan because it was considered too difficult for many non-Japanese gamers.

The other version is remade version of a Japan-only game; Doki Doki Panic with Mario characters.

The original SMB 2 was released in America, but it was titled "Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels" which was one of the games included in Super Mario All-Stars.
The North American Super Mario Bros. 2 was fun but it was no where near as challenging as the Japanese version. I played the Japanese version on Super Mario All-Stars, but even with that, it's still not as challenging, since in the All-Star version, the game saves as you progress and if you got a game over, you could restart on the exacty you are on. In the real Japanese version, you probably had to go back to the very beginning if you got a game over.
by The Harmeister January 19, 2009

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A special group of Koopa troopas from Paper Mario, Theres Red koopa, Black Koopa, Green Koopa and Yellow Koopa. For some reason the Koopa brothers' theme music reminds me of my cousin Bryan.
When I was playing Paper Mario, When I reach that one room in the Koopa bro's fortress where you see the Yellow koopa building up that platform thingy the backround music reminds me of my Cousin Bryan and Christopher.
by The Harmeister April 01, 2005

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