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When your stories,o words]in Literature that you have written get censored or ignored because the bosses think your stuff is using: controversial words, racial-ly sesitive words or sexist wordsor otherwize unpopular words and ideas.
Mr A: Hey! the school newspaper didn't print my photo of Mr.Rogers wearing pink panties and a prom queen dress On "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood".

Me: "Dude, the newspaper guys Litslapped you."
by the Eastah Bunny March 26, 2007
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What you say when someone says something that makes you think of something dirty or makes you think of sexually dirty innuendo. Or-when you hear something that makes you think of something dirty or sexual, "splash" is the sound "your mind makes when it falls into the gutter".

Jimmy said that the guy at the hotdog stand didn't like big wieners. so to respond to what Jimmy said, I yelled: Splash!
by The Eastah Bunny March 30, 2007
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To pick up an item that is not yours and look at it or examine it. Possibly to handle and examine an item without thinking of buying it. This word maybe a racist word. I don't know. But the word "coon" is a racist word meaning African-American people. I don't know if coonfinger refers to African-Americans in any sort of way.
I make about $34,000 a year. Me and my friend went into a Watch store. We could't afford any of the $50,000 watches, so we decided to coonfinger the watches just for fun.
by the Eastah Bunny March 24, 2007
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