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Alternatively spelled "skatard" but usually isn't spelled that way because stupid people usually mispronounce it.

Someone who took up skateboarding simply because it's the only thing that'll get him laid, or at least somewhat close, maybe with an ugly girl. Even before actually owning a skateboard, he covers everything he owns in every sticker with a name brand on it: volcom, etnies, element, etc...
After establishing his "skater" title, he suddenly thinks his penis grew by eight inches, and thinks his body grew a foot in height, and thinks his balls gained 2 pounds in weight. In reality, however, he's still fuck-ugly, five foot four, can't skate very well, has a dick the size of his pinky finger, and does nothing but piss everyone off and make a gigantic douchebag out of himself, just like BEFORE he took up skateboarding.

Of course, this all isn't limited to skating. It's also seen in snowboarders, wannabe hicks, wannabe stoners, and surfers.
"That skate-tard Derek gave me a nasty mean face the other day, so I knocked him out, shat on his face and threw him in a dumpster"
"Good stuff."
by The Earl of Sandwich August 10, 2007
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One who collects moths as a hobby, or as a profession.
"That moth collector was picking the moths off MY screen door, so I had to go out there and beat him with one of those rubber sticks that separate people's groceries at the register.
by The Earl of Sandwich August 09, 2007
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When playing online video games, usually FPSs, some players may call you "garbage". By telling you this, they are either implying that you suck at the game, or that you're using a cheap way to win. When they mean you're using a cheap way to win, they're usually just saying that in attempt to make it your fault that they themselves suck a salty nut at the game.
"Dude you got killed while trying the noob combo, you're garbage."

"DUDE! You killed me with the noob combo! You're garbage!"
by The Earl of Sandwich August 09, 2007
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