48 definition by The Doctor

Imagining masturbation.
Just looking at her, he couldn't help fantabating.
by The Doctor November 09, 2004

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A sexual position in which the penis is lubricated and inserted in the vagina as it is in "doggie style," but with the male lying down and the female astride, facing away, in the upright position. The up-and-down motion is done in a sliding manner, with the clitoris being stimulated from the "under" side.
"Okay, baby, now let's try a backwards slide."
by The Doctor November 07, 2004

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Kinching Morts & Coes: refers to child pickpockets, beggars or other criminal/mendicant professions. Ca. 1800.
Kinching Mort stole my purse!
by The Doctor March 28, 2004

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A slithering human who causes trouble and annoyance eg. Nic wells
Oh James ur such a snake
by The doctor May 14, 2012

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Pig Latin for "foe"; often used by urban blacks from about the '40s onwards to alert others to the presence of whites.
"Watch it, here come the oefay."
by The Doctor December 14, 2004

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n. The person who is a victim of a computer hacker.
v. The past tense of "hack" with regard to computers.
1. The hacked complained about what was done to his computer last night.

2. I didn't tell him, but I hacked his computer last night.
by The Doctor November 24, 2004

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cockney rhyming slang meaning 'beer'.
"let's go down the rub-a-dub and have a pint of cold pig's ear."
by The Doctor October 21, 2004

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