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A test designed to determine user-friendliness. One asks himself or herself if a product is easy enough to use that a grandmother could use it.
Pass: Windows and AOL. While both of these are inefficient and likely to crash products, they are purchased simply because they are easy to use.

Fail: Hooking up a home theater system. Even with the right guides etc., there are still many difficulties to get around...
by The Overmind July 07, 2004
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A computer about to fall due to a bad surface it stands on - commonly comfused by newbs with Instable Operating System
Oh no! I have an instable computer - i should really move it to a place where it is less prone to falling.
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
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An operating system prone to crashing - commonly referred by newbs as an Instable Computer - however, calling it such is incorrect.
Windows XP is an instable operating system. It tends to crash when documents remain unsaved for long periods of time.
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
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Choking a computer refers to the process of holding down the power button until the given computer manually shuts off about 5 to 10 seconds later (presumably "choking" because of a loss of power). Not the preferable thing to do when working on one, as it loses all unsaved data in the process... However, one of the only things most Microsoft programs respond to.
Dang it! Windows XP just froze again for the (insert 4 digit number here)-th time today! Time to choke the computer again... *sigh*
by The Overmind June 30, 2004
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A word said when somebody does something very stupid. Conjunction of the words "baka" and "smack" - only said over the internet inside asterisks (*bakasmack*), for it sounds stupid otherwise
Wonder Kirby: 0|\/|(_- 1 15 1337
Overmind: *bakasmack*
by The Overmind October 26, 2004
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A first-born child. Parents never quite know what to expect.
Oh, Bobby over there? Don't mind him; he was our practice baby...
by The Overmind July 06, 2004
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The use of bogus technical terms used mainly by salesmen and people with low IQ to try to impress others - usually ends in the person sounding absolutely genius around other idiots or incredibly stupid around a person who actually uses his or her brain.
Idiot: Dude, my new computer has 16 quantum rapid pipeline array multitasking engines, 32 supercharged bit array analyzers, and 4 scanline 8-bit button-mapping process interrupters!

Intelligent Person: Wow, you must really love rich dummy talk - that computer was outdated 4 years ago and you just spent $3000 for it.
by The Overmind June 30, 2004
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