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semen; jiz; cum
I was jacking off and got mecos all over myself
by The Gooch February 10, 2004

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Gonzaga College High School is known for having guys that are more sweet and chill than any other school in the area. The dip excessivley, and hook up with the hottest chicks.
Guy 1: That Gonzaga guy over there is hooking up with that girl and he has a dip in.
Guy 2: What a pimp!
by The Gooch December 02, 2004

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a group of vicious killers who travel from place to place earning large sums of money to kill people. They eventually turned on one of thier own, Black Mamba, and were subsequently wiped out in a raging rampage of revenge that took Black Mamba all over the world and reunited her with her daughter.
Elle Driver AKA California Mountain Snake was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.
by The Gooch May 11, 2004

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a word that describes the utmost hatrid and sickness some1 feels 4 some1.
by the gooch June 21, 2003

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