A gorgeous, unique, more seductive shade of blonde. Ranging from the color of honey to the shade of most beach sand. Generally makes a woman appear more mysterious and sexy since it is not as common/ordinary as brunette and not as fake looking as lighter blonde hair. (Also can be called "dark blonde")
"Actually, dirty blondes do it better."

"Forget about plain old blondes and brunettes, dirty blonde's where it's at."
by DirtyBlondeBabe93 April 12, 2010
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Dirty blonde means you have dark blonde hair. It gets the word "dirty" because common dirt is brown and "dirty blonde" hair is hair that looks as if it is blonde mixed with brown, making the blonde darker. "browny" isn't a word, so you have to think of a synonym for brown, or something that is brown--like dirt. Plus, dirty blonde hair just sounds better than something like "Tree Bark Blonde" don't you think?
Patrisha calls herself "dirty blonde" when, in reality, her hair color is a light brown not a dark blonde color.
by a Non-Stereotype-Blonde June 22, 2005
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Ranging from the color of a deers fur to a lions fur.
That woman used to have dirty blonde hair three years ago, but now it has turned brown.
by Traveling Bob July 29, 2006
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Someone Who is a small midget, Everyone generally talks about him because of his dirty blonde hair, Even though hes ginger. Also a Tilly Lover, Orgasms over the sight of her and just wants to drill her all night long. DB is the kind of guy who just lies and his only love in life is Tilly, He cannot be without her and is masturbating right now over her.
Girl: Woaaahhh its Dirty Blonde (DB) over there! Didn't he say to tilly he wanted to touch her breasts?
Girls friend: Yes. Yes he did.
by Dirty Blonde (DB) December 19, 2013
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