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What Chief Keef likes to say in his songs, it's the sound a gun make so he say Bang Bang!
We ain't gon' fight, our guns gon' fight! Bang Bang! - Chief Keef
by Thankyoubasedgod November 28, 2012

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It's to get hype or fired up and/or go crazy. You can go gorilla when you're happy or angry, sort of like beast mode. Check it.
Example 1 (angry): When my lil bro broke my football trophy I went gorilla on his black ass.

Example 2 (hype/happy): Our whole team started to go gorilla when we scored a much needed touch down.
by Thankyoubasedgod November 25, 2012

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The act of urinating into a girl's anus, usually after giving vaginal/anal sex.
"So, I was in pee limbo after we came, right? So I just went ahead and pulled a Drain-O on her. Problem solved!"
by ThankYouBasedGod July 16, 2012

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This is a word created by combining two other words. It is a mash up of "No Pipe"

With Pipe referring to a well endowed man.

If someone is NIPE it means they have no pipe, or are lacking in girth or length.
Mt. Diablo is a bunch of NIPES

"Shut up, you're a Nipe"
by thankyoubasedgod September 29, 2011

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