Shabu (Syabu) is slang for crystalized methamphetamine in Japan. Shabu comes from the Japanese word shaburu, which means to suck. A couple in Japan were arrested for possession of Shabu and went to court. After they both were sentenced to 18 months in prison, the Judge said to the couple `methamphetamine will suck (shaburu) the very marrow from the bones`(metaphorically speaking) And thats how Shabu got its name
It took her 5 HOURS to write this definition because she was high on Shabu
by .:babytweek:. January 01, 2011
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A Japanese slang term for Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. Shabu, in Japanese means "Swish", which doesn't make a lot of sense. I assume the word originates from Shabu-Shabu, which is a Japanese dish. Shabu-Shabu is cooked at the table, and entertaining as everyone cooks their own food
He is on shabu

He'd suck a cock for some shabu
by Dasmo December 07, 2003
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Sydney slang term for Meth
your on tha boo-I'm booin' hard
by icerox September 16, 2003
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