Shabu (Syabu) is slang for crystalized methamphetamine in Japan. Shabu comes from the Japanese word shaburu, which means to suck. A couple in Japan were arrested for possession of Shabu and went to court. After they both were sentenced to 18 months in prison, the Judge said to the couple `methamphetamine will suck (shaburu) the very marrow from the bones`(metaphorically speaking) And thats how Shabu got its name
It took her 5 HOURS to write this definition because she was high on Shabu
by .:babytweek:. January 1, 2011
A Japanese slang term for Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. Shabu, in Japanese means "Swish", which doesn't make a lot of sense. I assume the word originates from Shabu-Shabu, which is a Japanese dish. Shabu-Shabu is cooked at the table, and entertaining as everyone cooks their own food
He is on shabu

He'd suck a cock for some shabu
by Dasmo December 7, 2003
Sydney slang term for Meth
your on tha boo-I'm booin' hard
by icerox September 16, 2003
Shabu Shabu is a delicacy. You dip beef in boiling water in order to cook it. In Cantonese, people say you 'saap' the beef. Another meaning for 'saap' in Cantonese is to be a bit woolly in the head. So Shabu Shabu is slang for being a little slow-minded, being a little unobservant, being a little clumsy, but it is not intended to be strong criticism and is often used amongst friends.
Watch it! You're about to walk into that lamppost! You're so Shabu Shabu.

Watch it! You're about to walk into that lamppost! You're always 'saap haar saap haar'.
by Evey W April 10, 2006
Have you Shabu Shabu today yet? (Have your mules contri today yet?)
by Kannera September 24, 2020