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Act of transfering a duty or task to a worker not actually in the chain of command of the assigner, always without knowlege of the worker's superior. Normally done to seem like a promotion or reward for the worker but really is a way to pawn of unwanted work. Dutiful worker sets precident of doing the work before his boss finds out and thus it becomes a permanent part of the worker's duties.
Useful when strategic incompetence is unsucessful.
A required skill in today's corporate world
Accountant: Dude - your so great I'm gonna award you the Data Collection Champion position
Drone 1: Whoa, I'm stoked, a promotion; what do I do
Accountant: Oh, lots of things, like collect all receipts and invoices and turn them in to me each month - very important

Drone 1: Awesome, I'm moving up!
Accountant: One other thing, I don't want anyone to get jealous of your new work so don't tell your boss, he might try to keep you down, and keep doing all your other great work
Drone 1: Rock-On.....like spy work
Drone 2: Duuuude...you just got stealth delegation 'd
by TedDeadMan July 11, 2011
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Under Promise Over Deliver

Someone who promises litte but delivers more than expected. Oft practiced by sandbagger
Captain: "Scotty! when can you get th ship moving again?"
Scotty: "Oh, 12 hours at least captain, gotta replace the crystals"
Captain: "Well, I guess we are all dead then, the sun will explode in 3 minutes"
Scotty: "I'll try Captain!"
Ship surges to life, all crew saved
Captain: "Scotty you old UPOD, I knew you were sandbagging me"
Scotty: " Sorry Cap, once an UPOD, always a UPOD!"

Dude: "Well, I got some seats for the game, here they are"
They sit down behind home plate
Chick: "You are such a UPOD, we got the best seats in the house"
Chick: " I may have to UPOD you later when we "just kiss""
Dude: "Sounds like an Epic Win for me!, UPOD does it every time!"
by TedDeadMan August 12, 2010
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Over Promise Under Deliver

A person that promises much but delivers little or nothing. Common among blowhard, player and douce bag types
Dude: "Hey, you going with Kev to the big game?"
Chick: "Naw, he is such an OPUD; if he says he is gonna get "killa seats" we will end up in the parking lot watching the jumbotron like last time.

Kid1: "Dude, that remote car rocks! Look at the sick tricks it does on the TV!"
Kid2: "Dude, all commercials are OPUDs, that stupid car probably can't even make it up the ramp without camera tricks"
by TedDeadMan August 12, 2010
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Bowel Movement Food: Food you eat to gut unplugged after getting stopped up. Normally high fiber or trigger foods for your bowels to do their business. Important part of the food pyramid for bingers of cheese, meat and bread....
Slacker: "Dude, after eating 2 lbs of cheese sticks dipped in queso I need some BoMF"
Slackerette:"Here's a fiber bar, ear of corn and a box of bran cereal"
Slacker: "Sweeeettt, my bowels will be movin to the groove in no time"
by TedDeadMan June 28, 2011
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The premium paid for having the newest and most powerful computers and electronics
Dude: Nice computer, pretty tricked out
Nerd: Yeah, its got a 6x core overlclocked water cooled processer with 4 GPUs and a solid state drive. Gets me 3 more frames per second !
Dude: Whoa, how much that set you back
Nerd: Bout $7k
Dude: Dude...that is some serious Nerd Tax
by TedDeadMan June 30, 2010
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Having one's bowel movement pattern and schedule thrown into chaos, usually by some event or deviation from dietary patterns

Related to discombobulated
Traveller1: "Hey, wanna catch a bite before we board?"
Traveller2: "Sorry, this trip has got me all dicompoopulated, I missed my BM last night and here it comes"
Traveller1: "Overshare!"

Dormie1: "Awesome, they are serving that Queso dipped fried cheese sticks in food service again, lets hit it dude!"
Dormie2: "No way man, after the last time I was discompoopulated for 3 days; you know what its like to not take a dump for 3 days?"
by TedDeadMan August 8, 2011
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Recession speak for "I've been out of work for some time and am bumming around looking for the end of the rainbow while pretending to be cool and in-charge so as not to bruise my fragile over inflated ego"
Office Drone: "Hey bud, how's it going with you?"
Former Coworker: " Aw, it's All Good, I'm just kickin it Reaquiring My Life Goals, finding a path"
Office Drone: "Oh, I see.....you're trying out "Bum" as a lifestyle for awhile then?"
Former Coworker: "Yeah....you got a quarter I could borrow?"
by TedDeadMan September 2, 2010
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