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The definition of TechKanye is someone that is a "genius", "creative", "loose cannon", and "disruptive innovator"; who shifts traditional standards by developing new trending culture and products in the Technology Industry. This type of person will be called "delusional", "crazy", and "a rebel" for their ideas on technology and its liberation of people. The Web3 era of the digital age has many entrepreneurs being labeled "TechKanye" either they are taking their ideas too far or they are going to change the world.

The name TechKanye was first given to Tech Entrepreneur "Dante Richardson" of Buffalo, New York by Super TikTok influencer "Nimay Ndolo" during an episode of the No Draws podcast hosted by personality "FURG".
This idea sounds TechKanye, but it's going to change the world or blow up in our faces.
by Tech Kanye November 11, 2022
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( a verb) tec'ploi "utilize non-traditional means to secure employment in the technology industry with includes e-learning and real world experience. "-or- "to employ strategic technological advancements to surpass competitors in the same market."

The word was created by the PipeDreamers Foundation
Sarah TECHPLOYED her skills and knowledge in web development to land a coveted position at a prominent tech firm.

The startup TECHPLOYED innovative growth hacking techniques to quickly gain a competitive edge in the market.

He TECHPLOYED his self-taught programming expertise to successfully navigate the job market and secure a fulfilling tech role.

The company TECHPLOYED advanced data analytics to optimize their operations and outperform competitors.

She decided to TECHPLOY her entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging technology to establish her own tech startup.

They TECHPLOYED digital marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and generate substantial leads.

The organization plans to TECHPLOY artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency.

The team TECHPLOYED agile development methodologies to streamline their workflow and deliver projects faster.

By TECHPLOYING emerging technologies, the company aims to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.

The entrepreneur TECHPLOYED a creative growth hack to disrupt the market and capture the attention of potential customers.
by Tech Kanye July 7, 2023
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Silicon Falls (Niagara Falls) is a prominent geographical region situated on the eastern edge of the Great Lakes megalopolis, encompassing the cross-border area between Western New York and Southern Ontario. Recognized as an international nucleus for advanced technology and groundbreaking innovation, Silicon Falls serves as a catalyst for transformative progress in various technological sectors.

Spanning across the cities of Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Rochester, St. Catharines, Hamilton, and Toronto, the Silicon Falls region encapsulates a dynamic fusion of metropolitan centers. This collective hub correlates closely with the geographic expanse of the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan domain in the United States and Canada's Niagara Peninsula.

Distinguished by its commitment to high-technology advancement, Silicon Falls is synonymous with cutting-edge research, development, and industrial growth. Within this region, the confluence of forward-thinking industries, top-tier educational institutions, and an exceptional talent pool fosters an ecosystem that thrives on innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.
I live & work in the Silicon Falls region.
by Tech Kanye August 19, 2023
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