The definition of TechKanye is someone that is a "genius", "creative", "loose cannon", and "disruptive innovator"; who shifts traditional standards by developing new trending culture and products in the Technology Industry. This type of person will be called "delusional", "crazy", and "a rebel" for their ideas on technology and its liberation of people. The Web3 era of the digital age has many entrepreneurs being labeled "TechKanye" either they are taking their ideas too far or they are going to change the world.

The name TechKanye was first given to Tech Entrepreneur "Dante Richardson" of Buffalo, New York by Super TikTok influencer "Nimay Ndolo" during an episode of the No Draws podcast hosted by personality "FURG".
This idea sounds TechKanye, but it's going to change the world or blow up in our faces.
by Tech Kanye November 11, 2022
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