A name from India. Refers to a saint (with the same name) who was thought to be the reincarnation of the Hindu god Krishna.
Nimay is a great guy
by Iliketoeat12345 June 30, 2019
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Weirdo that’s tall. Nimoo is very skinny and smart but plays with Irene’s hair a lot.
Person 1: look td a giraffe!
Person 2: No! It’s a Nimai!
by vKnAg October 9, 2017
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-A buff but stunted man with a Dorito-shaped upper body with a big nose. Nimai is a master of computers and mathematics.

-Follows the rule of MADPUMP
Teacher: "I need someone strong to help me fix the computer"

The class "NIMAI!!!!!!"
by Godwin fan July 24, 2021
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Name Nimai generally means god Chaitanya (indian origin). Nimai means a very handsome boy.
by Claasy November 24, 2021
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