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An internal optimist in the face of adversity (reality).

From the title character of the 1960 Disney movie starring a young Hayley Mills.
I lost my job, my girlfriend and someone stole my car. What the fuck do you mean I should cheer up, Pollyanna?
by Tarbash May 16, 2006

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Side scrolling video game by Capcom in which the player controls a knight, Arthur, in his quest to rescue the princess.

The hardest video game of all time.
You only get two hits in "Ghosts 'n Goblins" before you die?
by tarbash September 16, 2006

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A canal in Brooklyn leading from the NYC harbor. It is the most polluted, noisome body of water in the United States.
"What happened to Rahul?"

"Poor guy. He went swimming in the Gowanus and hasn't been heard from since!"
by Tarbash December 31, 2005

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An alternative. Often used to describe Dragon illustration techniques implementing similar, but revised, subject matter. Attributed to StrongBad from homestarrunner.com.
First, draw an 'S'. Then, draw a more different 'S'.
by Tarbash March 28, 2003

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