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1. someone who is left-handed

2. someone expressing qualities of political liberalism


1. done or used with the left hand

2. associated with the political left

1. I have a hard time using scissors because I'm a lefty.

2. see WALPAW


1. It's hard to find a lefty pair of scissors.

2. He was somewhat lefty about legalizing gay marriage.
by Taobeth August 03, 2004

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The quality of being badass, or held in high regard.
Serial Experiments: Lain has much badassery! It's probably the best anime ever!
by Taobeth December 03, 2003

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n. acronym coined by Taobeth for "weird-ass lefty pinko artist writer", a self-proclamation of author Douglas Rushkoff.

v. to act in a liberal or artistic sense

adj. the state of being associated with WALPAW ideals or actions
n. I can assure you that no WALPAWs are voting for Bush this election.

v. I like to go hunting, but I WALPAWed at the voting booth in favor of gun control.

adj. The WALPAW citydwellers spout socialist ideals in coffee shops.
by Taobeth August 03, 2004

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A projectile used during Halloween to score candy from children.
I 'kin-ed their a$$es, Joe!
by Taobeth October 18, 2003

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