5 definitions by Tami

M-E-O-W: masturbate, ejaculate, ohhh, wash it off.
He meowed in the bathroom.
by Tami July 21, 2005
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Murphy is the most sexiest black man alive! He knows how to get down! He is the hottest rapper and is climbing to the top!
by Tami October 4, 2003
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The baddest Bitch out there but is hella tall hella skinny and Always has at least a good fit everyday unless she’s not in the mood she has a medium butt and has good tits don’t let a girl like Kimorah go but if u do BITCH UR FUCKING DUMB
Yo remember Kimorah straight up cute tho
by Tami November 23, 2020
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Reaching down deep underwater into a dark hole and wiggling your fingers as bait hoping that a giant catfish will clamp down on your hand so you can pull it out of the hole, without getting pulled in yourself. It's a pretty stupid sport actually, and people have gotten killed by it...
I went catfish noodling, and all I got was my hand chomped off
by Tami July 29, 2005
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An alcoholic drink made of vodka, tonic water, and a lemon wedge. Tre Cool of Green Day got the recipe of "The Cheech" from, who else, Cheech Marin. Marin didn't have a name for it, so Tre named it himself, hence "The Cheech".
Do we have any vodka to make a Cheech?
by Tami July 21, 2005
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