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1. An alternate spelling of mee krob, a Thai dish made from pork, shrimp and egg in a sweet-and-sour sauce mixed with either rice or noodles.

2. A euphamism for shit.
1. I'd like the meecrob and an iced tea.

2. You're so full of meecrob.
by Talia December 06, 2003
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1. A style of theater where the characters generally sing rather than speak their lines.

2. The music characteristic of these plays.

3. The place where one goes to see such performance.

4. A particular web browser.
1. "I am going to see Mozart's opera 'Le Nozze di Figaro.'"

2. "I am an opera singer."

3. "We're going to the opera next week."

4. "I prefer Opera to AOL."
by Talia July 24, 2004
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a term of extreme frustration. said in a calm, tiredly pissed off voice with your eyes looking upward. it is one word and should be said like one word.

orginally from the movie "love actually"
"fuckwangbuggershittingassheadinahole, i am so behind on this project."
by talia March 14, 2005
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Who I think of when I look to the moon, or when that song plays on the radio, or when I dream. Everything I've ever wanted, no matter what they say. See incredible.
Without Kearby, without a chance.
by Talia November 28, 2004
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A combination of Techno (Raver) and Rococo (18th century) style.
Pearls with neon beads is very Technoco.
by Talia January 29, 2006
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an exclamation of grief, annoyance, or surprise. like "holy shit!" or "aww shit."
"OY ME GALLOSHES! i lost my cat!"
"OY ME GALLOSHES! will you shut the fuck up please?!"
by talia March 14, 2005
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Words cannot define Sirose. She is too amazing.
What would we do without Sirose?
by Talia November 27, 2004
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