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3 definitions by THEYtookMYSHOES

A fat slob who plays video games all the time and is very unathletic. Jaggers are often the little brother to a superior sibling. They will often cry when video games don't go the way they want them to.
Taber: Dude Jagger is such a spoon all he does is play PS3
Me: What do you expect, it's Jagger
by THEYtookMYSHOES February 21, 2015
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Melk: Short for the name "Malcolm" "Malecum". Those with this name have an intense affinity for furniture appliances
Marshall: Melk, please do not sit on my couch.
Melk: But... I love her
by THEYtookMYSHOES October 12, 2015
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