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What you are doing right now by looking up random shit on www.Urbandictionary.com.
Whenever I have an hour to blow, I just go to Urbandictionary, it's such a waste of time...
by TACTICALSQUAD August 02, 2008

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An online game that lags like fuck, usually due to some idiot attempting to run the game on some piece of shit mac or windows 95.
Simple as that.
I was in a lagfest yesterday, every game second that passed took 5 real seconds, for fucks sake, was that idiot's processor ran by hampster wheels?

by TACTICALSQUAD July 29, 2008

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The leet or 1337 way of saying K.O(knockout).

A particularly kool player uses the term k0 instead of the regular K.O when reffering to someone getting killed, usually in an MMORPG game.
pker:*links 25-34 spec on lvl 51 noob, instant K.O*
random guy watching: omg! k0!
pker: k0, c ya in lumby, n00b.
by TACTICALSQUAD August 14, 2008

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(Noun.)Similar to Childhood in terms of internet gaming. One's Noobhood takes place when he/she first begins to play the game, and is a complete noob(or newb to be politically correct.) One ascends out of noobhood with time and experience to the point where he/she gains enough skill to enter Prohood, a stage of the player's life where he/she is a good player and hardened veteran of the game.
C&C pro1: Yeah man, I remember the days back in my noobhood, I used to always get owned by rushers!
C&C pro2: Pffft, Im just glad you grew up mate, otherwise I couldnt play with you cause you suck too much =/.
C&C pro1: -_-'
by TACTICALSQUAD August 14, 2008

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Ffs you idiots! Obviously no one here knows the correct defention of deacon, so I will enlighted you to the REAL meaning of the term.

First of all, a deacon is NOT a penis, nor is it a "low" ranking in the Roman Catholic Church.

In Catholicism, a Deacon is a lower form of a priest, a helper basically ( the Greek word Deacon means assistant.) Deacons do not have the authority to forgive sins or consecrate Holy Communion, though they may witness marriages and baptise.In conclusion, Deacons usually help the Priest and read scripture in the Mass.

Lastly, it is not a "low" rank in the Church, as training to become a Deacon takes over 4 years. Deacons can be seen as a higher rank than the standard Lay Person, or possibly even religious Brothers and Sisters.
Heirarchy of the Church:

1. Pope
2. College of Cardinals
3. Bishop
4. Priest
5. Deacon(my dad)/Religious Orders
6.everyone else
by TACTICALSQUAD July 29, 2008

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