19 definition by T. Polkinghorne

Simply put, the boss of the street; controls the flow of commodities and/or whores on the street.

A: shit son, make way for the concrete general.

B: y'all know who I am!
by T. Polkinghorne March 23, 2008

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Saying this with a straight face is a polite way of letting you know...its NOT funny.

This occurs after sharing something seemingly funny as the listener responds with a straight face and no vocal inflection.
Next thing I know, the guy vomited all over the train, lucky none got on me, but the best part was his shirt...
It read: "In my life, every day is a disaster..."


That's funny (straight face).
by T. Polkinghorne February 11, 2010

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When you haven't been to parties for a while due to excessive studying/work.

Finally, you go to a party but it triggers the urge to party ALL THE TIME. Usually subsists after a week.
Student: Have to study hard. Gonna get that Ph.D.
Dude: You're going to Jenn's party tonight.
Student: OK. I suppose it won't kill me.

-1 week later-

Student: YEA PARTY AVALANCHE! I haven't been home for a week! This rounds on me!
by T. Polkinghorne July 24, 2009

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when you tender is as good as cash
Look man, I don't have cash. I can only pay in tacos.

OK. That's still cash in the bucket.
by T. Polkinghorne April 06, 2009

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When you see your audience pulling these out, it's a sign that your presentation is BORING.
Presenter: "Um...and this is the business model...I think?!"
*Blackberrys, iphones etc. come out*
Attendee: "Dude, phone vote says you suck."
by T. Polkinghorne July 24, 2009

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To be working hard and thinking hard, constantly; thus being on one's grizzy

It refers to the lifestyle of the young, emerging worker in the knowledge economy. In addition, a satire on the corporate exploitation of talent in the knowledge production markets; similar in the way casual Fridays were spawned by tech workers in the early 90s.
Worker 356:
Yaaz B, Jane said she’s give you head if you come drinking with us tonight.

Worker 244:
Shut up fuck face! Can’t you see I’m working!? Constantly grinding, always thinking up new ideas and shit.
by T. Polkinghorne May 22, 2008

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when you have a formidable proposition and want to close the deal
Don: Lookie here boy, I'll give you $50 for it.

Bill: Done. Cash on the barrel.
by T. Polkinghorne April 06, 2009

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