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The area between your legs. Your crotch.
Damn Betty, go shower, you've got one janky undercarriage.
by T dawg March 23, 2005
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A state of mind, an explosive act of delight, amusement, cheer, festivity, bliss, charm, delight, glee, ecstasy, festivity, frolic, fruition, gaiety, gladness, good humor, gratification, hilarity, humor, indulgence, jubilance, liveliness, luxury, rapture, refreshment, treasure, treat, wonder, pleasure and pride.
I am going Team Vegas at the bar tonight.

Stop tickling me Brenda, I'm going to Team Vegas my undercarriage.

Mike Ruby was so Team Vegased from his trip, that he slept for a whole
by T dawg March 23, 2005
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Somebody who is not doing much with their life and through their own fault, not achieved anything.
Max is 46, his parents sold their home to pay for him to go to college, he dropped out of college after the first year. After going from job to job having a problem with every boss, he decided to claim welfare. His benefits arent enough to feed his crystal meth addiction so he steals what little money his parents have left when he goes to visit them. Max used to have friends but he fell out with them as they kept calling him a Wasteman
by T DaWG January 13, 2015
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Hubcaps bought at the local parts store, fake rims used to add pimpin appeal to a cheap car. Also available in spinner style.
dawg, check out those pimpin rims.
shit, ain't nothin but frims G
by t dawg December 23, 2003
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To beat ones ass into obliteration.
Oh Shit You Just Got eMeNeX'd
by T Dawg August 28, 2003
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