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When used in the context of an Australian Male, the Term/Name "Lee" denotes awesomeness, In 1842 a great man predicted that all males named "Lee" in the year 1987 shall become 'King of the World' upon their 20th birthday.

Because this great philosophiser was shot in the back while dancing to the 1842 one hit wonder "Hamertime" (a song about communist oppression) the truth was never released to the public.
Angie: "OMG its Lee, hes so shiney"
Scott: "Yup, cant fight that. He is awesome"
Ben: "Yeah, i wish i was Lee"
Sam: "Lee's so hot right now!"
Lee: "Guys! Keep is down, Im busy having sex with supermodels!"
by Syro August 14, 2006

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Everquest 2, the most comprihensive MMO to date. Holding the most content and most amazing visuals of and MMO. And surpassing WoW in every aspect exept Raiding.
Lee: Eq2 Dude!
Larry: Oh i know Eq2!
John: You up for Eq2?
Scott: Naa i gota play WoW with Dave.
DaveL Yeh... sorry

*acward scilence*

*Scott and Dave, beaten to death with their own delusions of wow*

*Lee, Larry and John remain awesome and become Kings*
by Syro August 14, 2006

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An underground movement sweeping the world! The hidden placement of Electronics Boutique barcode sticker for Playstation 2 game "Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights" for personal profit or gain.

Appearing as nothing more than a small yellow sticker reading |PO-SCOOBY NIG PS2| <SKU1216332>to the average customer, but as the source of much gayest to one young scholar who noted the hilarity of this phrase, and discovered something amazing.

To place a |PO-SCOOBY NIG PS2| sticker in a hidden location, in order to "Scooby Nig" someone soon became a popular trend spreading throughout the underground gaming scene of Sydney and into nationwide retailers such as TicketMaster and JB-HiFi.

Now more a curse than a gift, Scooby Nig'ing has reached frenzy point as reels of pre-owned stickers are stolen to for fill the jester like addiction of weak-minded EB Games employees everywhere.

This trend was popularised by EB Staff Bodie, Peter & Lee.
*Bodie goes about daily task*
*Bodie interacts with mundane object*
*Bodie Spots covertly placed |PO-SCOOBY NIG PS2| bar code*
Bodie shouts "AHHH SCOOBY NIG‽"

Lee and Peter High-Five.

Note: Being Scooby Nig'd must be followed by a verbilised Interrobang‽
by Syro December 02, 2009

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Often confused with "Level of Leetness" or "Laugh out Loud" , the 'Level of Leeness' is the universal scale used to determine how much like Lee, any object is.

*In some cases also known as "Level of Larryness Scale"
Lexington: Oh dude! Did you hear what that f00 said?!

Reginald: Naa man i was busy Taco Masking my Mocha Momma, what he say?

Lexington: He's all like "The wavefunctions of an electron in that hydrogen atom are possessing definite energy (increasing downward: n=1,2,3,...) and angular momentum (increasing across: s, p, d,...)" what a crock block!

Reginald: Pfft send that down to th'a Negro Phi Dactyl.

Katie: WTF is wrong with you two! *throws a soda*

Reginald: *hit by soda* Ohh... damn biatch your level of Level of Leeness is out'a whak!
by Syro August 14, 2006

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A 'Google Wave' of 'Tweets' from 'Twitter'.

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with Google Wave.
"Hey dude, you see my Twave?"
by Syro June 06, 2009

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A cooler more 1337 way of saying "The".

Not unlike 'teh' but usualy done to sound cool, when you know that your right or when talking about something 'cool' or 'uber 1337'
Dexter: "Dude those +2 Gloves of Fire are so 1337!"
Barnaby: "Fo'shizzle m'a Nerd'izzle, they are th'a pwnzor!"
by Syro August 14, 2006

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