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v. The act of opening finder on a MAC computer/laptop, selecting the applications folder, then:

1. Holding "command" followed by "A" selecting all applications in the folder.

2. Holding "command" followed by "O" opening all selected applications.

(continued holding of "control-O" is not necessary, but produces more devastating effects)
John's laptop was exposed, so i Apple Bombed him for annoying me yesterday.
by SyknEss 1 January 10, 2011
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Becoming angry and flipping the "board" when playing a game that requires one, usually scattering the pieces.

i.e chess, or monopoly
Joe: Dude, you just landed on my hotel on the boardwalk! OWN!

Matt: *flips board* F*** this dude i'm going to watch Robot Chicken.

Joe: Wow, epic Rageflip.
by SyKnEsS 1 March 04, 2011
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The age-old way to "waste" time at the office where you take a piece of paper, "ball" it up, then shoot it into a trashcan from a reasonable distance. This is more significant than it seems. This almost ritualistic American Pastime can be used to:

1. dispose of those dreaded filing reports your douche boss assigned to you

2. assert your dominance in the part of the office you work

3. be a fun way to dispose a random piece of paper

I'm pretty sure this is the inspiration for "Cuponk"
Todd: *crumples random piece of paper* "OH! and Todd charges down the lane! He's the only hope for the team! They're all counting on him! 3... 2... 1... *shoots*.... *misses*.... no one saw that but me..."

Dan: "Nah dude, I saw you miss your Waste-basket... Michael Jordan would be ashamed.
by SyKnEsS 1 March 04, 2011
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Someone who devotes their life to the whoring of their Yu-gi-oh deck, often entering in tournaments, local competitions, and nerdy banter with other Yu-gi hoes

Yu-gi-hoes are known to engage in the Noob language
Tom: Hey, I got the new Star burst Dragon! it Cost me $25. So ha, my deck is like SOOOO PWNAGE! I would like, own you in like 6 turns N00b!

Jack: What the hell? Get out of here you Yu-gi-hoe. I dont even have a deck.
by SyKnEsS 1 March 04, 2011
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