The age-old way to "waste" time at the office where you take a piece of paper, "ball" it up, then shoot it into a trashcan from a reasonable distance. This is more significant than it seems. This almost ritualistic American Pastime can be used to:

1. dispose of those dreaded filing reports your douche boss assigned to you

2. assert your dominance in the part of the office you work

3. be a fun way to dispose a random piece of paper

I'm pretty sure this is the inspiration for "Cuponk"
Todd: *crumples random piece of paper* "OH! and Todd charges down the lane! He's the only hope for the team! They're all counting on him! 3... 2... 1... *shoots*.... *misses*.... no one saw that but me..."

Dan: "Nah dude, I saw you miss your Waste-basket... Michael Jordan would be ashamed.
by SyKnEsS 1 March 5, 2011
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When going for #2 and no toilet paper is available you use dirty kleenex for the waste basket
Was at Adam's the other night had to shit so bad he didn't have any tp so I didn't have a choice but waste basket wipe.
by Mike Stabb August 23, 2016
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