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Synonym for McLaren, who were caught and found guilty of stealing, spying, lying, cheating, using and photocopying secret Ferrari data.
McXerox photocopied Ferrari data to build that Fauxrrari.
by Swiss Toni January 08, 2008

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The chief product of McXerox, available at any of their many pit lane drive-thru franchises. A poisoned box of sour grapes and misery. The staple diet of McXerox employees, their lackies and losers.
You sour-faced loser, what have you been eating, unhappy meals?
by Swiss Toni January 22, 2008

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Synonym for Ron "Integrity" Dennis of McXerox, a thieving, cheating, unsporting, sour graped photocopying liar.
McSr. is the spitting image of his naive son, McJr. (Lewis Hamilton).
Like McSr., like thieving, cheating, unsporting, sour graped photocopying liar.
by Swiss Toni June 10, 2008

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Synonym for Rupert Murdoch and or shit.
This media coverage stinks to high heaven of Merde-och.
A dog turd is cleaner and more honest than Merde-och.
You can't polish Merde-och.
I just done a Merde-och.
I trod in some Merde-och.
That guy has Merde-och for brains.
It's a Merde-ochian smear campaign.
Someone spread Merde-och all over the walls.
Someone had a Merde-och and forgot to flush.
That bastard was a total Merde-och to me.
by Swiss Toni June 10, 2008

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Synonym for Lewis Hamilton of McXerox
McJr. is the spitting image of his lying evil thieving cheating father, McSr. (Ron "Integrity" Dennis).
McJr. has a paternal genetic predisposition to total expensive cars.
Like biological father, like McJr.
by Swiss Toni June 10, 2008

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Synonym for Facebook.

A company or person that tries to copyright common language words and then proceeds to sue humanity for their usage.

A controlling asshole of humanity of Rupert Murdoch proportions.

A very sad and lonely person with no friends whatsoever, who hates the world, but can't do the right thing and go jump under a train.
Douchebook sued themselves for copyrighting stupidity in its entirety and instantly imploded up their own collective assholes.
A Douchebook only went and copyrighted living and breathing.
A paranoid Douchebook sued Sesame Street for using the letters F, O, A, D and a huge steaming number 2.
A Douchebook put a gun in his mouth but sued the world for his pain instead.
Douchebook - arseface, what's the difference?
Blame humanity for your inadequacies like a dirty little rotten Douchebook.
by Swiss Toni November 26, 2010

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Synonym for ITV-F1, the TV arm of McXerox's propaganda department thinly veiled as a sports show.
Another word for shit.
Don't McShiteTV-F1 all over my victory parade.
Like McXerox, like McShiteTV-F1.

by Swiss Toni June 11, 2008

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