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Jammy Jams is a North London abbreviation for expensive designer clothing. Illustrated as clothes that bring you good luck jammy. The jams abbreviates to something exciting or jubilant. Jammy Jams can be also used as a nostalgic feeling, reminiscing-triumphing a bad experience.
When I go to the next UK Garage Rave I'm going to put on some exclusive jammy jams and jam the night all night long.

Check out my fresh Jammy Jams. I'm pulling everything tonight.
by Sweetmatecol April 25, 2020

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Apple: UK Slang word for a Caucasian Woman. When you cut a Apple in half the inside is similar to white skin. Hence the term Apple. Also could mean a attractive white woman. The blibical connotation is Eve giving Adam the Apple to eat. A woman seduction, temptation and desire represented as an Apple. The term Apple originates from London.
Look at that pretty Apple. She a rotten Apple. All these Apple's are on me.
by Sweetmatecol April 01, 2020

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Tong is a gold chain or heavy gold jewellery that you wear on your neck. Word is commonly used in North London areas.
Wow you see Sweetmatecol Tong, its fat and heavy.
by Sweetmatecol January 11, 2020

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