11 definition by Swedish Bob

a terrible type of infection. can lead to death if not treated immediatly. comes in two forms. lindsey and kim
Man, stay away form that fat bitch. She might give you a staff infection.
by Swedish Bob September 25, 2006

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a movie made in the mid-ninties of epic crapiness. the movie consists of creepy antics from a british child molestor.
man that movie sucked. it was almost as bad as drop dead fred
by Swedish Bob August 31, 2006

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being to stupid,lazy,or high to get a job. minimum wage sucks, but its better than the local park bench
Maybe if you weren't such a lazy piece of shit you could get out of poverty
by Swedish Bob October 19, 2006

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A group of homosexual men that takes turns being pleasured by the biggest fag ever, Bret Favre.
i heard all the green bay packers are gay. the bears are so much better. brett is so old and shitty. i hope he never retires
by Swedish Bob August 31, 2006

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