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A wombo, or word combination, is a combination on two or more words creating one succinct word that combines the meaning of its lesser parts. The mastery of the wombo is compounded by the fact that "the wombo" is actually a wombo itself.

A wombo can be used for all parts of speech as well as proper nouns. There are no set rules for the grammatical limits of the wombo, as different parts of speech can be used in combination effectively in wombo form. For example, the popular adverb / verb combination effectively shortens vernacular speech, while leaving meaning intact.

The wombo has also been used in the case of first and last name combinations for the sake of nicknames or general irritation of co-workers / spouses.
Several examples of popular Wombos:

Spork: spoon and fork
Ginormous: giant and enormous
Backne: back acne
Swalls: sweaty balls
Vurp: vomit burp (a burp that starts as a burp, but you throw up a little in your mouth as a result).
Shart: shit fart (the resulting skid mark as a result of your fart / poop lower intestinal warning system malfunctioning)
Woad: work load, as in: "I am so exhausted because my woad is way more than I can handle"
by SuperDietz August 13, 2007
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The equally asinine counter transition to irregardless. Much like irregardless, beauxregardless does not enhance the regardlessness of your transition, but merely points out the stupidity of the original 'irregardless' offender.
Bob: 'Irregardless, we can't position ourselves in the marketplace in such a manner.'

Steve: 'Beauxregardless, position yourself in front of a dictionary next time you speak.'
by Superdietz May 20, 2010
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