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The name for a square (^2) of a square, also known as a power of 4. Named this way after the fourth dimensional hypercube.
Teacher: so what is two to the power of four?
Johnny: don't you mean two hypersquared?
by SunnyDKShiki September 3, 2021
An absolutely savage southern US slang sarcasm of a more typical phrase from American English in general being "Are all of (or both of) you okay?" Generally when the southern slang version is used it is stipulating that whoever is being asked is not, in fact, okay.
Chick-fil-A: Home of the *original* chicken sandwich.
Popeyes, after coming out with their chicken sandwich: Y'all good?
by SunnyDKShiki October 1, 2021
A new strain in the bofa family of viruses, typically non-fatal, it is typically contracted by streamers of Apex Legends.
Person 1: Do you have likum?
Person 2: What's likum?
Person 1: Bofa deez nuts, likum.
by SunnyDKShiki May 29, 2022
Acronym for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome related Corona Virus 2, the two relating to the fact that it seems more closely related to the original SARS coronavirus than the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus was.
Manager: So when will you be back to work?
Employee: I have to self isolate since I tested positive for SARS-CoV-2
by SunnyDKShiki January 5, 2022
Acronym for the older Severe Acute Respitory Syndrome epidemic that originated from pagolins in Asia.
Person: Am I gonna be ok doc?
Doctor: I'm afraid I don't know yet, you're positive for SARS.
by SunnyDKShiki January 5, 2022
Acronym for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, a SARS-like Coronavirus that rzn rampant tin the middle east a while ago.
Doctor: I'm sorry, my son, you have MERS.
by SunnyDKShiki January 5, 2022