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How should one respond to being told...”I worry about you?” Should they be worried? Why would they be worried? If there is nothing to be worried about, must they be asked, “why they are worried?” It is a change in behavior or maybe no change in behavior that is so worrisome? Showing emotion? Not showing emotion? This is very important and much more than you may want to think because worrying about someone is vastly different from caring about them. Worry denotes deficiency, a lack of ability, negativity, it is judgmental. Caring about someone denotes you love them and see them struggling and you want to help and support them.

Here’s the thing if you keep the behavior unchanged … the behavior that causes people to worry about you becomes the source of more worries. Aren’t we all to be worried about in such times. Is reassuring them there is nothing to worry about the route to go. Why worry now? Lose your temper? Sob? Take charge? Ask the same question back at them, to potentially make them question themselves?
However, when something is really wrong and worrying is needed there will not be any need for concern because nothing is different about you.
It simply means that there are things we must do when we have people in our lives who care about us...worry about us, by worrying about their worrying, about us!

We still have a long way to go to get to a destination of “normal...a worry less state.”
I had a meeting with my boss and she kept telling me...”I worry about you.” I know I have been struggling as a leader during this pandemic, but her worry stems from the fact that I cannot keep up—14 hour days, 7 days a week for 8 months is hard. It wears on your mind, body and soul!
by SullieTough December 14, 2020
A conversation phobic is someone who refuses to have normal conversation, only using texts to communicate very important feelings or information.
I realized that Jim is a conversation phobic when I have tried to get him to talk to me, when I call he lets the call go to his voicemail but within seconds he texts a response.
by SullieTough March 28, 2018
Bitchy bitch ass is a word used as an adjective to describe a wonderful person who has morphed into a mean, cranky, and angry person due to something out of their control. The person being a bitchy bitch ass will even use this word to describe themselves!
Jamie is being such a bitchy bitch ass. The waitress forgot to tell the chef to take the mushrooms out of the stew he ordered. Even though she apologized several times and brought him the correct order, he continued to complain and even threatened to leave her a small tip.
by SullieTough June 24, 2020
Crazy Leave is time off from work when you just cannot take anymore of the crazy ass, shitshow crap that people keep on unloading on you.
After the last meeting, Kelly had to take a Crazy Leave to recover from the insanity and stupid mistakes being made by people who were not getting enough attention.
by SullieTough May 3, 2018