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1. A scamming backstabber. Someone who does something just to get something out of it.

2. A snitch.
1. Man that snake cheated me out of $220

2. Don't trust him, he's a snake.
by SueetMonn May 04, 2009

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Let's compare Mac and Windows:

Pro Windows:
-Mac can't play 90% of games on the market
-Mac can't download 80% of programs on the internet
-Windows tend to be more powerful and have better graphics capabilities.
-Mac's are far over priced

Pro Mac:
-Nice user interface?
-No viruses? (not downloading gay porn helps, Windows users)

What do people actually do on a Mac?
Usually they surf the internet on their horribly laggy default web browser "Safari" because they have nothing else that they can do on their Mac.

The only reason they post these definitions on here is because they're pissed off that they spent to much money on a Mac, and they're trying to justify it.

Believe me, I can dual boot XP and OS X Leopard on my PC, and it is far over rated and shitty.
"Hey man! I just bought a $2000 Mac with Mac OS X! Am I cool yet?"

"No. You're still a fucking faggot. And Mac's suck"

**Kills self**
by SueetMonn August 04, 2008

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