3 definitions by Submissiveslave661

The final stage of feminization. Only truly submissive men will do this.

When a tall super sexy dominant goddess ties up her feminine submissive male partner who as a small penis. She puts makeup and lipstick on him.

Then she calls him a good boy for being so submissive and breedable. On her strapon harness, she wears a super realistic dildo that throbs, heats up and squirts so it feels exactly like a real penis.

She lathers it in lube and starts fucking him from behind.

Then she forces him to keep the makeup on and wear a skirt in front of her friends while the sperm is leaking into his panties.
by Submissiveslave661 December 6, 2022
A baby born when sperm leaks from the anus to vagina post anal. Can be prevented by wearing an anal seepage tampon.
I wore an anal seepage tampon so I wouldn’t have to give birth to a splurt baby in 9 months.
by Submissiveslave661 November 25, 2022
Best performed by a hot taller woman on a shorter and somewhat feminine yet still super hot man. When a sexy super dominant goddess wearing a strapon ejaculation/squirt dildo ties up her partner. When he is bound and helpless, she puts makeup and lipstick on him. Then she lathers her synthetic cock and his thicc cheeks with lots of lube. After this, she slides her strapon cock into his tight boypussy and listens to his vulnerable moans as they have passionate anal sex. After she is done fucking him, she denies him an anal seepage tampon, and the squirt/ejaculate leaks out of his freshly fucked boypussy.
That ejaculate leaked out of my bussy after my Goddess performed squirt femdom on me.
by Submissiveslave661 November 23, 2022