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The orbital subway around Glasgow. So named due to it's circular route and orange subway trains. Also famous for it's central role in The Glasgow Subcrawl.
"How you gettin up the West end on Saturday"?

"I'm catchin the Clockwork Orange"
by Stoo340 May 7, 2012
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A card game played in Adelaide while drinking the Japanese spirit of the same name.
Do you want to play Saké?

Sure, what are the rules?

Google "Yaniv"!!
by Stoo340 April 8, 2017
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A daytrip round the orbital Glasgow Subway (AKA Clockwork Orange) getting off at each stop to visit a pub and have a pint. There's 15 stops and therefore 15 pints.... Although it's commonly accepted that you should "Complete the circle" and finish back where you started, therefore having 16 pints in order to have fully conquered the Subcrawl.
- "I'm doing the Glasgow Subcrawl on Saturday"

_ "Ooft!! Are you some sort of alcoholic mentalist"?!
by Stoo340 May 7, 2012
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