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the salty discharge from the penis. Some women make necklasses out of it
he splurged his manchowder on her face
by stever April 29, 2003

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A disease that causes bouts of crippling insecurity. You're so insecure because your peers laugh at you behind your back and you know it. This leads you to think that EVERYONE in the world is taking a shot at you when it's just people in your own specific profession, e.g. other comedians.

Often you try to fight through the insecurity by bringing attention onto yourself and rambling on for twenty minutes without being funny, then when it doesn't go over you lash out at the nearest person, do a few pull-ups and cry yourself to sleep.
Phil: "The whole world hates me, I'm so sad"

Derek: "The whole world doesn't hate you, you've got Eddie Ifft Syndrome, you're just not as funny as you think you are"
by SteveR March 07, 2013

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one who indeed carries the potential to become the true vanilla thrilla. an individual lacking of skin pigment who juggles hustlin' and ballin' at the same time.
damn son hes keepin' it gangsta like albino thunder.
by stever November 26, 2004

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a person how fart alot
bob is a zyhigh
by stever November 10, 2003

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Someone who hates SUVs, as used in Edmunds.com Town Hall in a long running thread about the evils of SUVs. Opposite of prok.
You antiks think you can tell us proks what we can drive, but if we can afford Hummers, they're legal and we're going to drive them!
by stever November 16, 2003

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