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1: Something that is interesting because it is strange; Something eyecatching, particularly to one under the influence of drugs or alcohol mmkay. See also trippy.
2: Someone that is interesting in an odd way because they do random, strange things.
1: "That lava lamp is like, soooo buzzy."

2: "Remember that guy who shat in an ice cream cone and walked around the mall with it? He was buzzy."
by Stella Love May 12, 2005
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The offspring of an adult female cat. Kittens are typically small, cute and fluffy.
My cat became a promiscuous little slut at a very young age and had two litters of kittens before she was even 9 months old.
by Stella Love May 11, 2005
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1- To be disrespectful or rude to someone or something. A disrepectful or rude manner. To be mean.
Bob: "Jim, you look like a fuckin idiot today!"
Jim: "Ohhh, what a blues guy."
by Stella Love May 12, 2005
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