4 definitions by Staycie

a kickass site involving cute forest animals getting killed in violent bloody accidents (cartoon)
Hey did you see that new Happy Tree Friends episode where the skunk's head gets smashed into a grill and explodes?
by Staycie June 8, 2003
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the most addicting word for people with terets
Mom: How was school today, David?
David: Well it was really funny in first period because there was a sub and...CHICKEN!!
by Staycie July 6, 2003
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the Budweiser slogan, where drunk people call eachother on the phone and go "WAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUP??" and expect no responce.
*Picks up phone and calls pothead friend* "Hey Billy, WAAAAZZZZZUUUUPPPP*
by Staycie July 5, 2003
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