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Trying to pick up at the end of an evening out at a bar, club, party, etc usually at close.

Can also happen as you make your way home.

Like the show, the challenge is to find something/someone within the what's leftover (the scrap).
Ashley: Everyone is dancing, no chance of picking up in here.

Jo: Not long until close, we can play scrapheap challenge outside.
by Star_fwd July 26, 2021
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An area or place dominated by brash, loutish behaviour or unsavory characters ie Chavs.
JC - do you want to meet at the pub down the road
CH - No thanks, it's got a chavmosphere

DP - there's a strong chavmosphere in here, should we go somewhere else?
FWD - It's all the chavs in here
by Star_fwd June 1, 2017
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