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A quality of a person who needs to get really wasted and gross in order to have a good time or impress/entertain others. TSloppy people drink and drink and drink, then holler and jump around for a bit before you have to just put them in a corner and watch them puke all over themselves. Great kodak->facebook opportunity.
Raquel is such a sloppy fool. There is now puke all over my basement and all of my parent's exotic beverages are empty and laying around her 'corner'.
by Staplers December 19, 2009

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Performing of a bj/ Preparing or planning to give someone one.
Davonte the fathead asked Sheila, "You boppin?" Sheila answered my kicking him where it hurts.
by Staplers December 19, 2009

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Another word for 'have sex'.
Commonly used with the phrase, (usually from an overconfident male) "You tryna lemme beat?" When likely the girl responds, "Back off, my father is a policeman."
Bret Michaels asked a woman in the local Wal-Mart, "Hey baby, you tryna lemme beat?"
To which she responded, "No you washed-up one-hit wonder, you're blocking the cereal aisle."
by Staplers December 19, 2009

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Southern Senior High School- Go Bulldawgs!
Currently a national blue ribbon school which is apparently some great honor. Is normally a pretty fun school but has a lot of nasty potheads and skanks, which of course goes with the area we live in. Has some really smart kids but also a lot of gross, dumb ones that think its okay to leave school early so they can walk to Harwood Market and smoke. Spirit Week is super fun, too.
a) "Yea mayunn, SoHi all da way! You boppin?"

b) "Fuck South River mayunn, how bout them Redskins!"

c) "This is Principal Maryalice Todd congratulating Southern High School for becoming a National Blue Ribbon School"
by Staplers December 20, 2009

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