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When in the standing 69 position, the guy (holding the girl) ejaculates and immediately drops her on her head.
John broke Tina's neck when he pulled a Cincinnati A-Bomb on her last night.
by Stan Dup November 22, 2007

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Increasing common 'You Fail' is used in means of shutting someone down shut down
Origins point towards people posting pictures of projects or attempts and things that have failed and commenting 'You Fail'.
You Fail has worked its use quite like the term 'Ya Mum'.
Kevin: 'Hi Paul!'
Paul: 'No Kevin, You Fail.'
Kevin: 'Ya Mum Fails.'
by Stan Dup November 05, 2007

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When doing a girl doggy style, the guy leans forward and whispers in the girl's ear... "I have AIDS", he then grabs her hair, or any available body part with one hand and tries to hold on for as long as possible. "Rider" must last for a full 8 seconds before being tossed off
When Johnny was fucking Tina, he attempted to pull the Texas Rodeo, by telling her that he had AIDS and grabbed onto her hair. He only lasted for 5 seconds though
by Stan Dup November 22, 2007

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The words wheat puff when recorded then reversed suprisingly become a distorted "fuck you"
Just record the word wheat puff then reverse it/
by Stan Dup December 19, 2007

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