3 definitions by Stainless Steel Cat

Punished according to the severity of the infraction.

He hasn't shown up for work for two days, so today he was reamed accordingly.
by Stainless Steel Cat May 7, 2008
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To come unglued, to meltdown, to panic and not know what to do, to become alarmed and do nothing or do the wrong thing.

According to local stories, a gentleman named Robert Hall tailored suits of dubious quality that came apart at the seams in very short order.

Synonym Phrase: The wheels fell off
After leading the league for most of the season, the Phillies will probably fall apart like a Robert Hall suit and finish in last place.

by Stainless Steel Cat May 8, 2008
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Someone who doesn't flush the toilet and/or urinal.(NFer=Non Flusher)
The Enneffers are getting worse. Yesterday, every time I went to the rest room, the urinals were full.

by Stainless Steel Cat April 22, 2008
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