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(noun) a waste of money
I just spent 1,000 on my new iPod only to find out other mp3 players that do the exact same thing cost much less because I'm a fucktard.
by St. Thomas June 09, 2005

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Can be applied loosely to any part of speech for a meaning of reasons. Derived from "crunk", it can mean something is "cool" or "hip" or just plain enjoyable. It can also pertain to sexual intercouse, usually nasty and degrading to women, focusing on the male ejaculation at the end of intercourse. It can also mean to beat someone's ass or vandalize something of theirs.
Man that party last night got it skrunk.

Mang' I done skrunked all ova' yo' momma's face last night.

I told you not to piss Jesse off. Now he done skrunked yo' car'a.
by St. Thomas June 09, 2005

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A somewhat talented, yet excessively typical, pop-punk/emo-core band that stands behind some douche who tries to sing with food in his mouth.
Pop Fan: "Hey, do you like Fall Out Boy!?!!!"
Normal Music Listener: "No."
by St. Thomas March 19, 2006

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