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Is usually something that is yelled out of a car at people walking. It is used to express ones desire to see another 'wop a dog up themselves'. It may occasionally be yelled after or during a good, hot chozz wozzlin. (see "a2-wozzle").

Some may intend it as an insult, but the original meaning was derived from early Australian convicts as a victory call.
As the mans baby was born safe and sound, the man whispered to his wife "wop a dog up ya, he's a healthy baby boy". - (congratulatory use)

The man stood to say some words at his fathers funeral, "Dad woulda wopped a dog up all ya". - (respectful use)

The car slowed down near the girls walking home from the club, the young man threw a chocolate thick shake at them from the car and shouted "WOP A FUCKING DOG UP YAS" - (insulting use)
by Spydabytes September 09, 2010

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Poosterbation or, to poosterbate, is to perform the act of masturbation while using shit as lubricant. It is most commonly performed when a person wants to bust a nut, and needs to lay a cable at the same time. A variation of poosterbation would be to use shit other than your own, this form of poosterbation is very adventurous and usually requires a level of poosterbation experience to maintain a boner as other peoples shit always smells worse than your own.

There is a high risk of infection associated with performing poosterbation with strangers shit, because you can never be sure as to what bacteria or diseases might be lurking in their poo. The most common form of infection from poosterbation is Broccoli Cock (see 'Broccoli Cock'). AIDS is a low risk due to the rancid smell of AIDS infected poo, and the high availability of AIDS rags (see 'AIDS rag') from public hospitals.
A guy and girl leave the club and sneak into the back alley together,

Guy-"I've gotta fuck you real quick cause my girlfriend will be wondering where I am".

Girl-"Have you got a condom?, cause I have AIDS"

Guy-"FUCK, no I don't, but I have an AIDS rag, quick just do a shit and wipe the poo with this AIDS rag, then I'll just poosterbate into your mouth".

Girl-"OK, I love poosterbation".

Guy-"No shit bitch, everyone loves poosterbation".
by Spydabytes September 09, 2010

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Broccoli Cock is a term used to describes a penis that is so infected that it takes on a green coloration. Sometimes misused to describe a mushroom cock (see 'mushroom cock').
Broccoli Cock can be the resulting condition from getting down with skanky bitches, women with unwashed grubby maggot-twats, or poosterbation (see 'poosterbation'). It is rare for this term to be used as an insult due to the sensitivity of the topic of ones grotesquely infected jock trout, and more often than not other men feel pity for men that are suffering from Broccoli Cock.
David - "I've been poosterbating for years and this is the first time I've ever got Broccoli cock"

Jack - "say what?! you wank with shit?!"

David - "Yeah dude, most people do."

3 random guys listening to the conversation look over to Jack and nod their heads and all admit to having Broccoli Cock too.
by Spydabytes September 09, 2010

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