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Broccoli Cock is a term used to describes a penis that is so infected that it takes on a green coloration. Sometimes misused to describe a mushroom cock (see 'mushroom cock').
Broccoli Cock can be the resulting condition from getting down with skanky bitches, women with unwashed grubby maggot-twats, or poosterbation (see 'poosterbation'). It is rare for this term to be used as an insult due to the sensitivity of the topic of ones grotesquely infected jock trout, and more often than not other men feel pity for men that are suffering from Broccoli Cock.
David - "I've been poosterbating for years and this is the first time I've ever got Broccoli cock"

Jack - "say what?! you wank with shit?!"

David - "Yeah dude, most people do."

3 random guys listening to the conversation look over to Jack and nod their heads and all admit to having Broccoli Cock too.
by Spydabytes September 09, 2010
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